by Field Medic

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recorded live in the sunroom to cassette
masted by derek ted


all i ever needed was your matchstick mama, to take my wrongs & make them right
to take my darkness & make it bright
give your old boy's cigarette a light
i want uuu to hold thru the night
i want uuu to see thru my hearts disguise
i want u

all i ever needed was your siamese kiss
to cleanse me of this spookiness
to clear the fog see thru the mist
give my sorrows a plot twist
i want uuu to stand with me thru the fright
i want uuu to swing with me thru the noontime sky
i want u

lovin you, sure makes me afraid
of losin
but i don't care, i can't slow down now
once we kissed i lost my choice to be choosin
& no one else will do

all i ever needed was your red wine voice
that comes out when it's late & we're getting close
& when i say 'let's take off all our clothes'
its because im a bumblebee baby, you're a rose
i want uuu to love me till daylight
i want uuu to wake up bundled up beside
i want u


released October 27, 2016
kevin patrick sullivan /// field medic /// i.i.s.t.t.r.i.m.b.h.l.m.o.t.m.w.i.s.h.t.s.t.t.t.t.e.t.p?



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Field Medic San Francisco, California

dead kid from the golden state
freak folk/bedroom pop/post country

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