that beer called becks reminds me of a haiku i wrote

by Field Medic

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all songs written & recorded by kevin patrick in the peoplez gallery & sunroom studios.

this album wouldn't be possible without the support of the sunmob.special thanx 2 wayne mills for letting me use his grey tascam to record this album since mine broke. thank you 2 derek ted for mastering the album. thanx 2 my muse & secret OTL bex 4 painting a piece of paper pink & taping a heart & a pic of her face on it then mailing it to me. xoxo

limited run of cassettes available thru SUNROOM RECORDZ & SALON:


released February 14, 2016



all rights reserved
i gotta headache
but i'm glad that i stayed up late
i think i love you
from all the way across the state
i think i know you,
i love the scar across your face
just let me kiss you
yea i believe a kiss
could make a change
i stayed up drinking
with kreider singing bout his hannah dear
but it was you that i was thinking of
as i played banjo in that rickety chair
that beer called becks it
reminds me of a haiku i wrote
& it goes:

my beverage of choice
clearly resembles the face
of powerful love

you are the face of a powerful love
Track Name: like a feather or a pawprint
i don't need to see you
to feel you
noble season
i anticipate you
heavy eyelids in low light
you're a wonder
just thinking of you
sudden springtime

tell me it's true

like a feather or a pawprint
your spirit speaks to me of kinship
the only love that i believe in
you're a golden railroad
shooting thru me like starlight
your name i whisper
& it sounds like music
it sounds like windchimes

tell me it's true
Track Name: OTL
i'm just hanging out at goodwill
looking for my one true love
i'm in the library reading in the aisle
looking for my one true love
i'm smoking a cig sitting on a fire hydrant
looking for my one true love
i'm drinking a tall can on the steps of a church at twilight
trynta find my one true love

i'm wearing weird clothes & feeling sexy
dressing like my one true love
so she'll know that i'm the fashion king
once i find my one true love
i'm railing percoset at the party
getting high to find my one true love
i'm hungover on the daily
come & save me one true love

i'm at the grocery store buying EBT sushi
wasabi soy sauce one true love
i'm making eye contact, smiling, then looking away shyly
hey, that might have been my one true love
i'm reading norweigen wood by murakami
dreaming of that one true love
i'm in the sunroom drunk & recording
emo & horny one true love
hey come & fuck me one true love
i'll make you breakfast in the morning
one true love
Track Name: ur the 1 4 me (freestyle)
feels like new years day when we kiss
feels like new years day when we talk
feels like new years day to see
your beautiful face smiling back at me

when you leave i feel grey
the color's gone
when you're around
there's not a single day
when anything's wrong

your blessed baby
you're a gift
i been searching for you
since i skipped
a stone over a lake as a boy
you're the woman
whose heart i enjoy
you're the woman
whose love that i want
you're the woman
who i wanna stay up with & talk

ur the 1 4 me
Track Name: not a normal boy
today's lines they read:
i wanna get dressed up & make a scene
with baby girl
so even thru this fog that seeks
to blind my heart
i hold a torch for you
here on geneva
hope you could see it down in woodland hills

i'm not a normal boy
i need an abnormal girl
you're in me like a prayer
you hold me like a spell
you're supernatural

this future's a strange place
never hesitate to kill the pain
going broke for a baggie of novacaine
cuz i always dream the darkest fate
wind up drinking alone on saturdays
cuz what's the point of talking
when no one understands a word you say?

i'm not a normal boy
i need an abnormal world
i sing a broken prayer
i live a twisted spell
disaster natural

i'm not a normal boy