me, my gibberish, & the moon

by Field Medic

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i stalk the streets alone now
just me, my gibberish, & the moon
for i speak a different language
if i cannot speak with you


released February 24, 2015

All songs written by Kevin Patrick

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Ben Burney at Primitive Ears studio in Richmond, CA.

Recorded over the course of 2014, live to two inch tape.

Produced by Kevin Patrick and Ben Burney

Cover photo by Zohn Mandel



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Field Medic San Francisco, California

dead kid from the golden state
freak folk/bedroom pop/post country

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Track Name: M.M.G.A.T.M
i crouch low and smoke with spiders
to keep raindrops off my head
i'm singing bout your ghost love
in reverie like you were dead

cuz i miss you already
you're the hollow in my bed
i want to be your stallion

no it's not the nightmares
from our armistice in the fall
it's just that i feel your distance
and i love you like no one before

i stalk the streets alone now
just me my gibberish and the moon
for i speak a different language
if i cannot speak with you
Track Name: Full Grown
we used to meet on tuesdays
beneath the moon down by the mill
i do believe you told me all that was necessary
i turned around i told you all there was to tell
now you know me too well

i'm full grown
so honey i know
it's just i know it too well
Track Name: Prowler
all i am's a prowler with something stuck in my palm
i was lead to your spirit at dusk by the black dogs
i awoke at midnite and i saw you perched there
i said it's feeling like a dream but it's looking like a nightmare

i had a dream i was draining your life force
my calendar was full with love for you
it's interesting this dream was a little backwards
it's really not something that i would do
Track Name: Signacs Flowers
pointillist breeze
outside my greenhouse
i see signacs flowers
blooming down in the trench
but when i step closer
their colours break without tricks of optic mix
how can i help if i put a hole in the floor
when they'd been dishonest?
Track Name: War Memorial
it's a picture show in my head
the film is all scarred and yellow with ages
the fire kissed boy never grew into his hands
in old age he's huffing and desperate again

it's the wreck left by the recklousness
trynta dig the coin out of the consequence
sick with the gloom, led by a hook in your lip
no words fit your mouth cept the ones you'll regret

cuz the wildfire comes to tear up your crop
and where once bloomed zelias
is a blackened charcoal plot
war memorial

now i'm scribbling
just before bed
said that i was spit out ugly
this expired version
i got no roserie
no room to pretend
can't speak from my sleeve,
it's too complicated
Track Name: Shadowboxing
when it's raining
and i'm drinking in public
sometimes i rule the night
following the trail
theres flowers everywhere
the moon's my only pal
i don't need a friend

i got angry
so i'm speaking
with your husband
wishing he'd give up the fight
this twisted love affair
strips my knuckles bare
but no one sees my scars
i'm shadowboxing.