fulltime freestyle mixtape vol. 4 - come near me

by Field Medic

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fulltime freestyle mixtape vol. 4 - come near me

freestyled on the evening of march 3rd 2016... misspoke to someone close to me then was left alone to deal with it... had an anxiety attack which induced this recording.


released March 21, 2017

all songs freestyled & recorded by kevin patrick into a radioshack CTR-111 cassette recorder.

mastered by Nathaniel Blum.

cover photo by Julien Pena.



all rights reserved
Track Name: come near me
you know what they always say...
don't scare that girl away

conspir....conspire... come spear me
& come spire

come here! come spire me... come spear
come spear me

hey... come here

come near me
come spear me

you know what they always say...
don't scare that girl away

come here, come spire, come spear
don't scare that girl away
Track Name: keep it real
you know what it is about you...
you make me feel
you know what i do
i know what you do
we both keep it real...

could you keep it real with me?
would you be my family?
could you keep it real?

you know that i'm sitting in the basement
with my head into a tunnel vision
of these mysteries that i watch
on the re-run through the ages
so many years
wasted pages
empty words
of nothing heard
just a rumor
inside my world
i just don't know how to survive
like this cuz i aint gotta clutch
everyone i know is going double dutch
& i'm below the ground like "give me some"
100 coins on the king of crown
i wanna put it on, i also wanna put it down
oh... i'm gonna keep it real with you

could you keep it real with me?

i keep it real...
Track Name: there's no words (it's hard)
you know what?
i don't know much about you
so strange...
you don't know much
about me too...
i've seen heaven
oh it's good to be there
layin like that...
*haha* i laugh
i've seen it...

oh it's very hard...
& it's always been that hard
but something's changed...
the intake has changed drastically
it's all gone all the time
& there's no slowing down
tomorrow never comes cuz
you're never here today
& in the evening... oh..
you're much farther than that!
never here ... gone by tomorrow
never ???? yesterday ??? ******

there's no words....
Track Name: hairpin trigger
nowadays i'm not feeling so mathematical
you could say that i feel
like a ??
i don't know
what's wrong with my ???
but it's a hairpin trigger

i don't know language
lost the will to write & read, i just lay & trip & think

afternoons high caffeine intake
evenings drunk, liquor goes in
morning walk, cigarette in hand
trynta score some pills from my man
dude says ??????
hopefully by tomorrow
i dont even work tomorrow
but i might go
cuz someone's got something i need

it's a hairpin trigger
i'm a hairpin trigger
Track Name: i feel it going. farewell
i feel it going
marbles on hardwood
slip slip slip sliding
i say farewell