Fuck You Grim Reaper

by Field Medic

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fuck you grim reaper.


released November 25, 2014

recorded by kevin patrick in sunroom studios.
mastered by derek schultz in demons dungeron.
cover photo by kat reyes.



all rights reserved
Track Name: fuck you grim reaper
it's so strange when i'm sober
i'm so quiet and with the best of me
but i needs must be drinkin by evening
or the grim reaper's calling me

the grim reaper is after me
but i'll defy the reaper
the grim reaper wants to reap me up
fuck you grim reaper

i really got nothing it seems all so silly to me now
to have plucked the only flower that grew at midnite
i said it's worth it
i'll sacrifice myself

so the grim reaper is after me
and i'll follow the reaper
the grim reaper wants to reap me up
thank u grim reaper
Track Name: cuz it reminds me of stephanie
still wanna burn down city college
Track Name: afterlife
i can't stop myself from getting fucked up every night
i got nothing goin and everything i had is gone
i dared to trust myself, i wrapped my hand round a little stone
got sprayed with sparks
ah these pink haired devils make a passionate man feel foreign

they leave me rats shadows
gave me a rats shadow
i gotta rats shadow
gave me a rats shadow

do you wanna take some vicodin
and buy a small bottle of gin
and come out with me tonite
we could watch the people walk by
i tried to steal some sleep
between all of the doom
but sometimes i get so upset
hear voices in my head
there's nothing i can do
they're saying
fuck this life
i want the afterlife

aint got no rats shadow!

fuck this life.
Track Name: antique cup
drinking stolen rum out of the out the antique cup
alone in my office like al pacino when he dies
i got this print at the thrift store...
i gotta hang it on my wall
but how am i gonna find space
between it all?
wondering what it's all going 2 b when i speak my mind
i'm not telling lies
but i don't tell it how i see
i'm just living for
those happy feelings
i did know before
i just tell it for me... i'm living for
those happy feelings i never known before
Track Name: disrepair/strange dream
i've got this strange dream
of a peaceful life
suffering front row
the whole time
should have been a pleasent waiting place...
boy set your life straight

i'm sorry i'm rough
on the things i love
and now everythings falling into disrepair
and i'm really out here stumbling in