Crushed Pennies

by Field Medic

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Debut E.P from Field Medic. Field Medic is Kevin Sullivan, who also plays in the band Rin Tin Tiger.


released June 25, 2013

Tracks 1, 2, 4, and 5 recorded and mixed by Derek Shultz at Demons Dungeon Studios. Track 3 recorded and mixed by Ben Burney at Dad's Pad studios. Track 6 recorded and mixed by Kevin Sullivan at the "Orphanage" studios.
Mastered by Aaron Hellam at Hellams Castle.

Additional vocals on Track 5 by Derek Shultz and Ben Burney.

All music and lyrics copyright Kevin Sullivan 2013 (BMI).



all rights reserved
Track Name: Mongols Pasture
the schools should teach the children how to lie
and the pretty girls to freeze their skin and turn off the lights
the world's been trying to eat me alive
but my head's too big and i break its teeth
every time it takes a bite
there's a bit of antietam inside my mind
where my comrades fell to the enemy
and i am looking at their bodies in black and white
i'm still alive
though far from alright,
i skulked from the fight

dangling prey before me
how could i walk away?
why would i stay, butterfly my veins?
if you know an easy way to sustain
do you know an easy way?

if you are an honest man
be sure you always wear your helmet
if you are a liar be prepared for happiness
and fulfillment
there's a screaming secessionist betwixt my ears
that begs me to exploit my assets
and feed the static shit wrapped in plastic they wanna hear
it's quite severe
they'd like me to be a mirror
keep them calm while they're getting sheared.

the mongols pasture
will feed you until your fat enough
to fit their coats and write them notes resigning
your freewill in their handwriting
and you must declare it is only fair
that your sons and daughters will have to bear
the weight of their absent father
with t.v screens and bottled water
so economics can prosper
and you can buy all the happiness
the land of the free has to offer.
Track Name: Crushed Pennies
i've never seen the darker side of green
or anything that made the seams
of my jacket seize and shut
there's a hand that rings in the morning
and puts boots on my shivering' feet
before my dreams are even done
payin twice the price of crushed pennies
to keep the circus lights glowing
while wagon wheels collect their dust
a film projector moves along my scenes
while behind the wall somebodies name
is lost between all of the fuss

a brunette heart born to complete the spring
whistles the words the birds would sing
brings up the garden all alone
keeps a clothespin while i'm traveling
for me to hang my victories
or else to dry my flooded hopes
waves erode all earthly certainty
but cannot make love lost at sea
we swallow deeply
but never choke.
Track Name: Meadowlark Blues
take a walk on my coastline sweetly
and see that i got broken parts
their feeding baby sharks
it's a jagged coastline surely
at my peak
all my broken parts
they're feeding baby sharks
though i don't dwell in dark
i'm just a meadowlark
i sing my sadness in broke poetry
and i'm gone in a blur of violence and wings.

take a walk in my prairie kindly
and see that i got broken parts
their building matchstick barns
it's a wild prairie baby
at my feet
all my broken parts
their building matchstick barns
though no brush fire starts
i'm just a meadowlark
i sing my sadness to bumblebees
and i'm gone in a blur of diamonds and wings.

take a walk in my city darlin
and see that i got broken parts
their feedin empty hearts
it's a dirty city baby
on my street
all my broken parts
their feedin empty hearts
i wish i could get smart
i'm just a meadowlark
i sing my sadness and go to sleep
and i'm gone in a blur of eyelids and wings.
Track Name: Wooden Chest
everyone likes the prospect of something new
something new like you
make me a fool.

everyone has darkness from their past
in a wooden chest locked away
you could be my spark
put the stars back in their place.

everyone's felt the morning with the sky bleached white
and cold breath you can't escape
you could be my coat
first thing i hold when i'm awake.

everyone has to answer to another
who seeks no truth but the truth they make
you could be my porch
where honesty can't hide away
would you be my porch?
where honesty can't hide away...
Track Name: Cobweb Skirt
rapidly get better
rapidly get worse
administer medication of sleep
when remembering an old cobweb skirt
that old cobweb skirt

privileged middle aged women
make me think of the months i house
in the folds of my wallet
and the corners of my mouth.

rapidly recover
rapidly get hurt.
Track Name: Broken Part
i was about a league from home when i was struck by the whip
of every lovely thing that once was mine that's now been stripped
like the queen of distant courtesy who hands down her heat
while i'm tearing up my insides screaming on the street.
and darkness from my doctor keeps me stumbling through the arcade
of fortune telling machines that print predictions of my fate
they point me to the mirror, through my heart into a fit
which instructs me to be origami and fold up all my secrets

because i run when i see the broken part of me.

and i watch from the window carved into the back of my skull
while nothing seems to happen in my bedroom after the drapes are pulled.
because i plucked a diamond from the highway
and i tucked it in my pocket
just as i plucked the diamond from where love waits
and i threw it to the mastiffs.